We can help you with payroll and outsourcing for smooth and successful business operations in Thailand

Eliminate the HR and Administrative Challenges of Doing Business in Thailand

Setting up a business can be challenging — especially if you’re headquartered overseas. Some of the biggest obstacles to overcome include finding contract workers, submitting paperwork, and handling payroll in Thailand. RLC Outsourcing is there to help.

Let RLC Ease Your Transition into Thailand

At RLC Payroll & Outsourcing, we make business in Thailand as straightforward as possible.

Your time is better spent on your core business tasks. Don’t spend countless hours concerning yourself with Thailand’s legal system and time-consuming administrative tasks. With RLC as your trusted partner, you will have the peace of mind and the time you need to concentrate on growing your business.

The primary benefits of our services include:

• Reduced administration costs
• Minimized business risks
• Enhanced data security
• Simplified on-boarding

Our Payroll and Outsourcing Services in Thailand

We remove the administrative and HR headaches of payroll and outsourcing in Thailand by providing:
• Salary calculation
• Pay slips (carbon or ePayslip)
• Payroll summary reports
• Database management
• Tax calculations and reports
• Social security funds and reports
• Facilitation of payments to the relevant government bodies.

We can hire contract workers on your behalf while organising visas and work permits,  allowing you to open your doors for business without delay. All you have to do is submit your data, let us check and finalize the numbers, and then confirm and pay. With this, you will eliminate almost all hurdles associated with payroll, outsourcing, and HR tasks of business in Thailand.

RLC’s Innovative Employee Self-Service System

Our cloud-based Employee Self-Service (ESS) system allows you and your employees to remain in touch using any device with an internet connection. With one intuitive online application, view work schedules, payroll information, and annual reports. Your employees can also request holidays for you to approve or reject remotely.

In short, our innovative ESS system features:
• ePayslips
• Year-to-date reports
• Employee details
• Leave requests
• Payroll data

Why Choose RLC Outsourcing?

  • Benefit from bespoke solutions to meet any requirement
  • Maximize the efficiency of your remedial business operations, so you can concentrate on your clients and increasing your profits.
  • Access your confidential data 24-hours- a-day from anywhere in the world.

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