Looking to Expand in Thailand

Making Your Thailand Expansion Smooth and Successful

Thailand’s economic initiatives, central location in the SEA region, and cost-effective workforce make it attractive for technical businesses looking to expand their global reach.

While there are countless benefits of doing business in Thailand, setting up shop can be difficult and time-consuming.

RLC Recruitment makes the process much simpler.

Some of the obstacles that technical companies need to overcome when expanding into Thailand include:
• Adjusting to an unfamiliar culture
• Understanding the domestic wage system, benefits and compensation packages
• Encouraging innovation from your employees
• Intercultural communication
• Finding and on-boarding the best local talent

Meet the Experts at RLC Recruitment

RLC is Thailand’s leading recruitment agency for technical industries ranging from automotive to heavy manufacturing. Our tailored approach to finding the most talented individuals will make your expansion a success. We also provide a broad range of outsourcing and HR consultancy services.

How Our HR Consultancy Services Can Benefit You

Here is a breakdown of our HR consultancy services:

•Employee Engagement
• Competitor Salary Benchmarking
• Executive Coaching
• Leadership Development
• Assessment Centers

In addition to HR consultancy services, we offer:
Executive Recruitment
Payroll Administration

If you’d like to learn more about how the experts at RLC Recruitment can help your business, contact us today for a free consultation.