Looking to Recruit a CEO or top executive in Thailand?

Let RLC Recruitment Help Make Your Thailand Expansion a Success

Thailand’s manufacturing sector is booming. With its cost-effective and adaptive workforce and relatively open economy, Thailand has become the South East Asian hub for technical businesses.

But setting up shop here can be difficult. Finding technically-minded individuals can be challenging, and hiring from overseas means organizing work permits and finding candidates who are willing to relocate.

You can’t afford to transfer your top executives to Thailand if it risks harming your company.

At RLC Recruitment, a leading technical recruitment agency in Thailand, we customize recruitment solutions to meet your recruiting needs. We can help you  staff an entire department to get your business up and running just as well as we can track down the most talented executives to drive your global expansion forward.

Retained search: Trust RLC to Find Your Company’s New Leaders

Our highly trained, experienced and client-focused consultants will exhaust all their resources to find the executives with the skill sets, mental toughness and leadership skills that you are seeking.

We apply proven best methodologies to uncover top caliber executives.  From there, we ensure that all candidates we select from your consideration have gone through extensive interviews and assessments.

Contingency Search: Find the Team Players You Need without Delay

If you need to fill departments with talented individuals quickly, a contingency search is the perfect solution. Even though we prioritize efficiency, we only shortlist candidates who we believe to be perfect for your role based on our thorough understanding of your requirements. You only pay a fee after hiring a candidate we put forward.

Contact us today to learn more about our contingency search service.

How We Find Candidates:

• Our consultants have years of industry experience and intricate networks of potential candidates in Thailand
• We maintain an extensive in-house database of highly qualified candidates
• Our high caliber in-house Research Team work hard to uncover the best candidates

Learn More about RLC Recruitment’s Executive Search Service

As a technical recruitment agency that understands the benefits and challenges of doing business in Thailand, we can help you secure the brightest and most innovative individuals to drive your company forward. In addition to recruitment, we also offer:

HR Consultancy
Payroll Administration
Personnel Administration
Employment Outsourcing

To find out how the consultants at RLC can ease your transition into Thailand, arrange a free consultation by contacting us today.