Schools in Thailand have been teaching by remote for two years because of covid. Two weeks ago, my daughter finally started going back to school. It’s a really big change.

Back to school

For so long we have been waiting for things to go ‘back to normal.’ Staying at home was difficult. Returning back to normal now feels like a big adjustment as well.

The past year has been tough. With my daughter staying at home, I’ve struggled to find a balance between work, family life, and keeping my loved ones safe from covid.

The recruiting business is very much a face-to-face job. During the past year, I haven’t worked in the office much. Networking events and business lunches weren’t happening. It has been super-challenging to maintain the relationships that form the foundation of my professional network without regular, in-person meetings.

Being a Mom has made working through the pandemic even more complicated. I’ve adapted to having my daughter with me at my workplace. In between virtual meetings and video calls, I have to look after my daughter and be a parent.

Meanwhile, my daughter has been sitting in front of a computer screen for hours every day, with online classes. It’s been a struggle for her. For more than one year, she hasn’t had the chance to meet new friends, or enjoy physical activities with other schoolkids. This month it feels like she got her life back. She is very happy to be back at school, having fun with her friends, feeling free.

For me, returning to the office has been more complex. For months, I have been waiting anxiously to get back to my normal daily life. I was really looking forward to it. Now that we’re back to normal, sort of, it doesn’t feel how I thought it would.

I’m driving to work every day, picking my daughter up from afterschool activities three times a week, doing ATK tests for both of us twice a week. Life is so much more complicated when you have to commute for work and pick up your kid from school. I forgot how busy I was before the pandemic shut everything down.

The covid pandemic impacted our lives in so many ways. Thais have suffered a lot because so many people – most with no safety net – have lost their jobs.

But staying at home forced me to slow down, and that’s not a bad thing. I was in such a rush to get back to the office, I didn’t really appreciate the benefits of working from home. And while I don’t want covid to make a comeback, I am really going to miss zipping around town with no traffic, and how easy it has been for the past two years to find a good parking spot.

For all working parents, I know it’s a changing and challenging time for us all. For some, our people lives are much harder now. I just want to send my support out there to everyone who is struggling at the moment. Feel free to share your challenges and joys here so that we can support each other.

Article written by Nina Phinnipha Suriyong
Technical Recruiter at RLC Recruitment: is expert in Technical Recruitment and helping clients to optimize your HR and Operational Cost from our various solutions such as recruitment, payroll, outsourcing, leave application, training, coaching, visa & work permit, 1 day recruitment campaign, recruitment project, outplacement, and etc.

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