Is an Employer of Record Your Employment Solution in Thailand?

Thailand is an attractive location for foreign investment for many reasons. Low cost of living, relatively low overhead for skilled staff and commercial real estate, and excellent infrastructure and access to other international markets are just a few of the factors drawing foreign firms to this Southeast Asian nation. However, establishing an office can present obstacles that may make some companies reluctant to take the plunge.

RLC Asia would like to offer a novel, yet highly effective solution to entering Thailand — our Employer of Record, also known as Professional Employer Organisation, services.

What is an Employer of Record?

Basically, an Employer of Record (EOR), or Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), provider, like RLC Outsourcing, assumes the burden of setting up and managing an entity in Thailand on your behalf. After a fully comprehensive briefing, the EOR hires the staff to fulfill your requirements in Thailand or any other market you are considering, ensuring compliance with local labour and employment laws.

You get the staffing you need, from one representative investigating the market potential to a completely functioning manufacturer or service provider.

Benefits of Employer of Record

EOR or PEO services are extremely flexible and easily executed solutions that can often be quickly scaled up or down as needed proactively to ensure your market success.

Easy access to test a new market

Need someone to spend time in Thailand evaluating business potential? You may not want to deal with the bureaucracy of obtaining and renewing business visas for an executive from your home office. Or you want local support for a more in-depth evaluation, but you are still a novice to Thailand’s business infrastructure.

An EOR can quickly provide access for your rep as well as organise the support you need to provide the coverage and analysis to make an informed determination as to whether doing business in Thailand is right for you.

Faster entry into a new market

Decided that Thailand is where you want to establish a presence, but not completely ready to invest in a full operation? Or do you have a core team you want on the ground as quickly as possible, and need a location and support staff? Thailand, as with other Asian countries, has restrictions to foreign businesses operating in the country that may cause some hesitancy.

With a properly planned EOR solution, you could be up and running within days or weeks, not weeks or months. An experienced EOR service provider will have the infrastructure available that is compliant so that all you need to do is either provide the specifications for your hires or send that core team to Thailand.

Cost-effective staffing solution

Every company wants to save money, especially when it comes to opening a representative office or fully entering a new market. The capital expenditure required to set up a legal entity in Thailand can be a substantial one, and that is before you find office space and start hiring staff.

The PEO provider you select should also be a well-established recruiting company, such as RLC Recruitment, that has comprehensive knowledge of the best-qualified candidates in your sector. Along with taking on your HR responsibilities, your PEO should act as your partner in fulfilling and managing your staffing needs to your exacting requirements. By going with a company like RLC you could even have them manage the whole employee life cycle on your behalf.

The quicker learning curve with local laws

Do you know the difference between the different entities that foreigners can establish in Thailand? Are you aware of the different licenses and certificates needed depending on which sector you are operating in? Do you have the budget to hire up to four Thai staff for each foreign employee you would like to bring on? You may be willing to face these obstacles to get your operations in Thailand going, but do you really need to? Or do you want to start operations in Thailand quickly and would rather not have to deal with such questions?

An accomplished EOR firm has a thorough understanding of local labour and employment regulations ensuring that, whether you require one local hire or a complete cohort of foreign experts, you will not have to worry about falling afoul of government authorities, risking your business standing in Thailand.

Find an expert on EoR solutions in Thailand

Most importantly, you need an EOR expert so that you can focus on your core business as you sow your seeds of success in Thailand! The RLC Group is that expert. Our team has decades of experience in staffing and talent optimisation in Thailand and Southeast Asia so that we are ideally placed to craft the Employer of Record or Professional Employer Organisation solution that is right for your business needs.

We are equipped and able to handle only local staffing, extensive foreign hires, or a mix of both local and foreign employees across such sectors as manufacturing and information technology.  If you would like to discuss your options, contact RLC Outsourcing today to schedule a consultation with our EOR experts.

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