Ms. Phinnipha (Nina) Suriyong and Ms. Goonjira (Noom) Tuluasuwan, as the representatives from RLC Recruitment and ROC Outsourcing, joined the GTCC Business Women Networking event: “The Roles of Social Media for Women in Business” at the Bangkok Marriott hotel in Surawongse;


Ms. Phinnipha (second from right) and Ms. Goonjira (third from right) at GTCC Women’s event

Ms. Alexandra Reich (CEO of DTAC) and Ms. Nipatra Tangpojthavepol (Executive Director of SEAC at RLC Recruitment) have shared with the attendees how they utilise social media in their professional and personal lives.

Alexandra is a true role model of a successful business leader who is able to achieve a well-balanced approach on how to use and combine social media for her work with RLC Recruitment, as well as for her own personal life.

It was truly enlightening, productive and great ideas were presented on how she uses her personal page for work purposes in order for clients to have a true and real close understanding of her work & life balance,  meanwhile still able to simultaneously post her regular life activities, sharing with friends and family.


From right to left: Ms. Alexandra Reich (CEO of DTAC), Ms. Nipatra Tangpojthavepol (Executive Director of SEAC), and Ms. Vasinee Sukumwattanakij from Siemens Thailand.

Ms. Nipatra on the other hand is actively working on social media for corporate branding with direct engagement and responses to clients’ comments promptly and in real-time showing attention and presence in positive communication and promotion of the company and personal brands.

“GTCC is a platform for businesswomen to network with female leaders, expat businesswomen, talented female young professionals, and interns in an intercultural context connect & grow.”


Together, they can benefit from this initiative by developing their ideas, gain even more professional know-how, and participate in various networking events and seminars. This event also offers a great opportunity for businesswomen to participate as a volunteer working group to initiate new ideas for and/or moderate our future events.

Thank you for both speakers and all audience for great knowledge sharing…

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